Fame, it’s not gonna be forever…

Or at least the show in Apollo Theater, Barcelona. Because it falls exactly into the fame trap – taking advantage of the great knowledge of the Fame series in Spain, it considered that it was enough to make a stage hit. Big news: IT AIN’T ENOUGH!

A golden rule in PR and marketing says never rely on previous successes and constantly improve yourself and prove your value to the others.

The cast from Fama, El Musical, are very good dancers and they make proof of being in shape during the whole performance. However, apart from that, there is not much left of the show. Silly lines, insipid dialogues and cheap humor. Not the way you would have pictured Fame musical, huh?

It’s good to go for an experience, to see the flaws of others and not to repeat them and, yes, that I have to admit, to see good choreography and sometimes, good singing also.


PS-I also don’t understand why you have to “torture” the text and the songs in Spanish and why not make the effort to sing in the original language…


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