On Christmas Eve, I pledge to the…

Why do I love Christmas?

1. Because it’s one of the unique moments during the year when you are with your dear ones, sharing joy and laughter, love and cheer. It’s the time to praise what we have and enjoy to the fullest each others company.

2. Because it goes back to my childhood and reminds me of a spectacular grandma, who taught me to believe, to have faith, to cherish and to respect. Who taught me to sing Christmas carols, to put up the Christmas tree, who rehearsed every winter the carols, who was a guardian angel. I don’t have her with me anymore, but she has marked my life, my destiny and my character forever.

3. Because the only heroes in my life are Santa Claus and the Christmas tree. If I were to choose a worldwide character, it would be this generous and smiley old guy, who in his kindness thinks about all the children of this world and dedicates his life to bring laughter on their faces and in the hearts.

4. Because I believe that by giving you will receive. What goes around, comes around. I love receiving presents, but the look on my loved ones’ faces when they receive a gift they didn’t expect is priceless.

5. Because we need to believe and we need miracles to go forth. What modernity wanted, to unveil the enchantment in which people believed, was of no good. The human kind is amazed by the powers that go beyond the everyday ordinary order and needs to have a guiding force.


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