21st of May – some principles I have learned along the way

In theater (an not only), less is more.

You must know how to listen to the other. Once you’re starting to hear, you’ll be one.

DO IT, even though it may be wrong. Next time you’ll know the right way.

Don’t think of your shopping list when you’re in front of your audience, even though your character has nothing to say at that time.

Your hands are YOU. They’re genetically connected to the rest of your body. ACT with them.

Feel and learn how to feel. Make the most out of one line. Hermeneutics can teach us a lot.

Say your lines quickly, then slow, then one word high and the other low, jump while saying it, shout…find YOUR way.

I guess I’ve found mine, I just have to learn how to stay on it. Happy anniversary!


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