Breaking the waves

Breaking the waves, one of the new stagings of the Radu Stanca National Theatre from Sibiu, Romania, had its premiere this week. The director, Radu Alexandru Nica, chose Ofelia Popii, the revelation of this years’ Edinburgh Theatre Festival, as one of the leading characters. With her, we will also see Marius Turdeanu, Diana Fufezan, Ciprian Scurtea, Dana Taloş, Liviu Vlad, Gelu Potzolli, Adrian Matioc, Dan Glasu şi Cristian Stanca. Decorations and light design by Dragos Buhagiar and choreography by Florin Fieroiu. It is definitely a play we should not miss, as it is also adapted from Lars von Trier’s movie. Knowing Radu Nica’s potential and the talent of the Radu Stanca acting team, it will most probably be a success. Can’t wait to see them.

Here they offered us a sample of the premiere.


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