Pissed off

Why do people always strive on letting you down? Or maybe I should ask why do I put my hopes up when it comes to people?

Why do they pretend to be someone they’re not? Or why they do not accept themselves as they are?

Why do they do everything in their power to stand under the mask of a different and distinct other? Or why is it that their own charm and qualities never seem to please them?

Why do they hide under the easiest arguments – no, I am just like this, special, I cannot help it? Or why do they not accept when something is wrong with them and should be adjusted?

Why do I really even care? Why do I always put so much of myself, my beliefs, my principles and my good will in the relationships with others? Why do I let myself be deceived?

Or am I just bluffing and this is all a bad script? I wonder myself. I guess it depends on context most of the time. I do wish it rests only a bad writing exercise after a dull Tuesday.


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