Tomorrow IS another day!

Yesterday we celebrated 70 years from the release of the evergreen “Gone with the wind”. Yes, the annoying and proud, yet sensitive and unsure of herself Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) and cutting Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) are old folks right now.

It is indeed a classic movie and will probably still conquer audiences and reign in all times’ tops for many years. According to El Mundo’s article, it had a budget of 4 million dollars, made profits of 400, had 2 directors, 15 screen writers and won 8 Oscars. Ole! But above the material benefits, we will always conserve a dear memory of the famous lines(oh,fiddley dee!) and scenes (the kissing one, for example), of Scarlett’s untamed (for that period of time) character and the picture of an American society shredded by the Civil War, racism, prejudice, manhood and torn dreams. For fans and dedicated readers, CNN has a larger article here.

Apart from all the political issues, Gone with the wind will always speak of the love story between two mighty characters, incapable of letting their egos aside. But who knows, perhaps in another 70 years time, their turn will come. But, frankly, my dears, that’s another movie!


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