What’s in a game…

…that which we call acting? What lies behind the curtains, what does the stage release, what do the lights say on your face or how does the audience transform your energy and you as a whole? Which powers does the theater move that give this out of this world state of mind?

Today has been a theater day. but not as a spectator, but as an actress. Another step in what I know it’s my path and my goal since last year and forever. It may be called an exam, it may be called a sketch, it may be called a try. It was a moment in time, when four girls where on a stage, telling a story on love. Nothing mattered while we were up there and it seemed we had this unbelievable power over us, over the public, over anything.

Yes, because in a way, the most precious thing of an actor is his power (or at least his possibility) to control people’s emotions and to induce states of mind to the others. Goodness gracious, it seems like a huge risponsibility. Perhaps, but the beauty of entering the stage and of being there compensates. You have this overwhelming stone on your shoulders, but what acting gives back to you is priceless and deserves, I think, almost any sacrifice.

Tonight was ecstatic.And to me it proved that you needn’t act a famous play or say an evergreen monologue in order to feel sky high on stage. It is, as they tell us in every class, a matter of being here and now. When you manage that, all the energies start surrounding you and give you the power to climb mountains. It’s the je ne sais quoi, it’s the talent, it’s the hard work, it’s the colleagues, it’s all in one.

I was on stage again and I feel amazing. Actually, even though I’ve searched for beautiful words and clever lines, I cannot exactly describe how I feel. It’s too much and so little and simple at the same time. Maybe it’s finally and really doing what I want and I was meant for?

Thank you, theater! And thank you to all the marvelous persons who were involved in this night. You are deeply in my thoughts and I was able to do this with you and your help.


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