I wish you’d call me from time to time, because it’s healing to hear your voice.
I would love it if you guessed when I was in despair, like now
And thought of me. Or at least text me something.
But you probably have something better to do, right? I do hope she’s worth it
Cause you are marvellous. And worth it all.
Look: if you let me, I’d take care of you always. And I’d cherish your silences and make them ours.
I think I would even cook for you, imagine!
I’m daydreaming again, but I don’t even care anymore. It’s the only moment when I’m smiling.
And you know nothing. This is my cross today and every day.
I’ll wish upon a star tonight. If she doesn’t reach you, I promise to be myself the messenger of these feelings.
As it should be. Sooner or later. My love.


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