25 – back in time

They say there’s a change when you turn 25. They say it’s a wonderful age and it’s a privilege to live them. They say a quarter of a century is a great deal. Some say it doesn’t matter. Or that it’s the same as 20, or 22 or whatever. They say that after 25 it’s mandatory to use face cream daily 😉 And that you note that certain change, that will then get bigger each year, until the 30’s, when, SURPRISE, another change awaits 😀

I believe turning 25 can be all of the above and none, or so much more. And, most of all, I think the meaning is given by all the history behind those 25 years. For me…well, here goes 🙂 In these 25 years I’ve lived exhilarating moments and joyful times, multiplied by infinite, so that makes 25 just another point in the happiness line. I’ve passed through sadness and despair as well, divided into losses, fails and regrets.

25 party

25 party

9125 days (plus some more, in the leap years) lived to the fullest, most of the time. If I have any regrets at this time, it’s maybe that I sometimes hesitated or didn’t dare. Or that I thought it’s better to be politically correct. Today I know, in most cases, it’s better to speak your mind. This way, at least, you’ll be noticed. 9125 days spent with people I love, I am inlove with, who love me and care. And with indifferent ones, with the envious, the evil and so on. And 9125 days with people who were my icons, my guides, my legends in this world. Some are not with me anymore, so they didn’t celebrate this year with me. The last one either. And they don’t know I’m 25 now. Or maybe they do. I guess I’ll never know. I’ll probably try to hide the tears in the corner of my eye while landing on Henri Coanda aiport (this year) or wherever, and to imagine they’re there at least when I blow the candles.

It is also said that you should do certain things until a certain age – 25 in my case: learning more languages, seeing countries, bungee jumping 😀 etc. I mostly regret not playing an instrument – my love, the piano, not speaking German and not having been to The Big Apple yet. But hey, what the heck, I have five more years until I turn 30 😉

25 party

25 party

So, actually, I believe it’s not about regrets, but about having enjoyed every moment and having learned something from the problems and the failures. Having smiled, having made some friends, having cried a bit to know how it feels and having done things your way! All in all, I’m a happy 25 year old, slightly longing to have started theatre and dance some years ago and still missing her granny.

I have no idea how I will be in one or 5 or 10 years’ time, but I do wish to dance away the sorrows and stick to the beautiful and simple things. To follow dreams, to fight obstacles and to have a little rest, from time to time, ’cause I love afternoon siestas 😉 Laughters, drinks, cakes, tears, evenings, mornings, successes, bad days, parties, shows and so on…


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