Saint Nicholas Eve

I had almost forgotten…today is Saint Nicholas Eve!! It’s the time to shine all shoes and put them at the door or by the window. Although now I remember I never used to shine them…I just grabbed all the shoes in the house: mine’s, my parents’ and my grannys’ (when she celebrated it with us) and put them in order in front of the door. A loooooong line of boots, sneakers, sandals (I know, it’s weird), slippers and so on…it was longer than the door, actually 🙂

Aaaa, I’ve just remembered. I always wrote a letter to Saint Nick, about a week before. And I know that one winter, he hadn’t picked it up and we were on Saint Nick Eve. I was soooo upset and I kept complaining to my parents that Old Nick won’t know what to bring me. In half an hour’s time, the letter was not in the window pane anymore 😉 And I believe in that same year, I was decided to personally meet Saint Nick. I grabbed a chair and I sat in front of the front door for about an hour. My mom kept saying Saint Nick didn’t want kids to see him and I insisted that I wouldn’t move…Finally, I went to my room and after a while, all the shoes were filled with presents. Isn’t childhood marvellous?

Happy Saint Nick

Today I am not actually celebrating Saint Nicholas or at least not by the book 🙂 In Spain, this tradition does not exist. I wanted to make a surprise for my friends from theater and put some sweets in their shoes, but it could not be in the end. We should have been in Madrid now, but because of the air traffic controllers’ strike, we are still here and we are not sharing any rooms :)) everyone’s at their homes…

If I come to think of it, Saint Nick has already arrived for me! Today I’ve spent some lovely hours with beautiful people, by the seaside, with stunning views (a lot of wind as well :P) and good food. What more could I wish for? Well, maybe at least sweets in the shoes…I am waiting for him with the same childhood thrill. But, wait, I haven’t sent any letter this year!!! So, here goes!

Dear Saint Nicholas,

Hope North Pole is fine and no strikes are affecting the Polar airspace, as I urgently wait for you this year! And maaaaaaaaaany other kids, adults, cats, dogs, parents and grannies 🙂

You know I write to you every year, however in these last ones I’ve been a bit lazy. It’s not that I wasn’t thinking about you and waiting the presents, but I guess I jus tgot trapped in other daily chores..whatever….I’m here this year!!

Honestly, I’m not so much into the material thing anymore. I mean, I got friends and family for that 😀 So…maybe you can arrange a bit the dreams part! You already know what I’ve started and what I want to continue doing for the rest of my life, so try to put in a good word for me, to give me power to go on, strength to get over the failures, a bit of luck and opportunities. Allow me to meet beautiful and witty people, who know what this job and art is about and let me live, at least for a while, enriching adventures alongside.

Also, stop by at all my friends’ houses and take care of their wishes as well. Again, the inner ones. I’ve already bought the clothes, chocolates, books etc etc etc. And bring me some tangerines and chocolate tomorrow morning in the shoes!!! It’s been so long since I haven’t had this image in front of me…You know I get nostalgic and melancholic at times like these…..

And for you….rest, energy and a smile on your face always. To give to us as well, as many of us have forgotten how to smile and it’s very sad. Bring the joy back!

Love always,



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