small pleasures

I have been extremely at ease and almost happy the past days. I don’t know why and I wouldn’t know how to explain it. But I’m living a wonderful feeling of peacefullness. Perhaps it’s the smell of spring in the air? The green outside? The sun smiling at me every morning? Yeah, I would bet on the sun, actually, cause it’s a two way relationship here 😛 It smiles at me, but I smile back over and over again, wishing it will never end and it will fill my days forever. Aysh, I’m getting too romantic there 🙂

So, in all this zen state of mind, I give myself the pleasure to enjoy small things and their beauty, as never before. Like gazing at the sun for minutes, just looking out the window and smelling the fresh wind from the Pyrenees. Or dancing like crazy in front of the mirror and creating small (and silly, I do admit :P) choreographies – now I’m totally addicted to S’estiu by Antonia Font (I’m craving for summer and the wellness and liberty it brings) and, ok, don’t laugh, Michel Telo’s Amanha sei la (I’m getting romantic again, bummer :P). Or just having a cup of coffee, enjoying a nice strawberry muffin and reading the newspapers. There was quite an interesting interview with George Clooney 😉 in La Vanguardia’s supplement today. Then again, what article with George Clooney ISN’T interesting? Anyway, it’s worth reading, since he’s conveying some great life long advice there – such as: will you be wanting to do the same in 10 years time? Think about it…

All the afternoon was dedicated to some household chores, which I’m also enjoying, curiously 😀 And, finally, the day ended with a couple of hours of rehearsals. We have to prepare an exercise for our body and voice class tomorrow, so Roger came over, we read the text, did some impros and had loads of fun. And, as you can see, there’s nothing spectacular about any of this, except that it was lived to the fullest and that it was exactly what I felt like doing. Now, I’m finishing this post and I’m off to sleep, I’ve got a whole busy week ahead of me. Mmm, I may have some pear with biscuits and honey, however….as I was saying, small pleasures 😉

Pastry from Can Tornes, famous cafeteria in Girona

Pastry from Can Tornes, famous cafeteria in Girona


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