here and now

Most of our lives we are searching for something or someone, for others’ appraisal, for acknowledgement, for success, for perfection, for happiness, for love. We rarely slow down and stop to look around and listen, most importantly. We live so little time in the actual present, hic et nunc, and we forget that sometimes we only have to wait, take a deep breath, connect with our inner self and (learn how to) receive. In our restless quest for happiness or fulfillment, we often forget the dear ones, we don’t see all the chances that are waiting for us along the way, we loose ourselves in pointless battles and ignore our profound and true nature, that is longing for rest, for (day)dreams, for peace of mind. And when we don’t find all this that we are supposedly looking for, we grow mean, impatient, angry, we are convinced that the whole universe is conspiring against us, that nothing will ever get right , that everyone has abandoned us. The next step and the worst one is the despair of not seeing any other way, the depression of feeling dreamless and left aside, the anxiety that no one is and ever will be there, the eternal spleen, the feeling of bateau ivre Rimbaud was talking about…We do all have our own ship of fools 😉

For all this, when we are at our worst, it’s actually when we should be cherished the most. Because, in fact, it’s the moment of our utmost sincerity and authenticity, whilst looking for the light that each of us has within to burst out.


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