on a day like today

I miss him a lot. Like I would miss a friend. We eventually got to be buddies, pals, (best) friends, playmates. He was always there. And although he was sometimes annoying, I always ended up laughing at him and enjoying what he did.

So today I felt the need to watch him as he sat on the couch and gazed outside at the people, when I opened the window. Or to see him sleep all morning long on that same couch, drawing contemporary dance positions with his big furry belly and his tail. Then, while I was having coffee, I imagined myself arriving home and seeing him right in front of the door, meowing and rubbing all his head against my black trousers. Aaaarhg. Then he would follow me all the way through the hall and to the kitchen begging for some food. I would always give in 🙂

Contemporary dance by Nikelau

Contemporary dance by Nikelau

Once we had lunch on the terrace. He would jump around, scratching the chairs and hiding from mysterious creatures, poo in the plants, only to end up next to me and fall asleep, while the sun set on his face and fur. Then, he would blink once or twice when I left…

Yes, today was all dedicated to him. It’s curious, but since I woke up and until now, that I’m about to go to bed, I haven’t stopped thinking about him. Ooh, how I would have loved to play a bit now – shoe laces, straps, wool balls, boxes, anything would do! I think when day we played for almost an hour 😀 And theeen, because my room is a bit cold, I would have let him jump in to bed, with that warm and cozy fur. Actually, I never did that, I think. And now it’s too late 😦

The serious look

I have never had pets as a child, although I had always wanted to. This October my wish came true, completely by accident. And it was a fabulous experience. I learned so much from him and I cared so much, but I only realized this when his owner took him away 😦 The old cliche…I felt love and understanding, I was a child once again and I was happy with so little. And I will never forget the warmth and the look. Those big eyes, looking right in the heart. Thanks for everything, Nikelau, and I’m anxiously waiting for the re encounter 😉

Shoe laces are the best

Shoe laces are the best




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