So this is Christmas…

…and I’m home again, enjoying the Holidays with my family and everlearning about kindness, generosity and living the moment to the fullest. It was difficult to get home this year, economically speaking, but we somehow managed. And I was so happy to decorate the Christmas tree, to see all the little animals, baubles, beads and garland and to carefully find them a place up in the tree. Mum and dad around, caring, laughing, scoulting now and then (but it’s a classic thing, it wouldn’t be Xmas home without it 🙂 ), a visit from my cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time…it’s all so simple, but so meaningful nevertheless. I think this tryp and this Christmas are here to teach me new things about myself and how I relate to others, about the joy of simple things, about times in life when you just have to adapt and it’s OK with that! I’m liking this Christmas and I feel a heart full of joy and content, of love, like no other time, lots of love for some special people out there (especially one 😉 ).

As I once heard (on a great city-break with two amazing friends), no snow flake ever falls in the wrong place 😉 [ningún copo de nieve cae alguna vez en el lugar equivocado].

mum and I

mum and I

my hero

my hero




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