Between the years

Hi, there, 2013! How does it feel to be on your last day? It’s like knowing the day you’ll die, right? Are you scared, do you wish you stayed longer, have you grown fond of us? I never actually thought about it before, but how does the year itself see its ending? We always talk about how we are saying goodbye to a year, how we’ve accomplished objectives (or not), how we survived to the year that is about to change…


I think that you, my 2013, would like to hang out a bit more with me. Especially if it’s going to parties or talking about love, feelings and confessing them. We haven’t done much of that…we did party a lot in summer, oops 😛 But what’s best in life is love, right? Family, friends, your loved one/your crush/your eternal flame/your star/the most loved person of all humans…let’s do more of that, come on! Maybe I’ll take a bit of you (2013) with me in 2014, so we can enjoy and let ourselves go and love to the fullest ❤

What my 2013 did with all its powers was work a lot on my emotional side, help me find myself, learn new stuff about Casandra, letting go of some garbage I had left out there for too long, and it made me start taking action. It’s about a neverending creation of oneself… And I cannot say thanks enough for that!! And, frankly, my 2013 was quite an actor 😉 He loves theatre, going on stage, on tour, rehearsals, new projects ahead, all this artists’ world fascinates it! Artistically speaking, it was a year with many proposals, experiments, fun and laughter, ups and downs, but so rewarding.


So, what I am pinpointing put here is that it’s all about sharing, learning and enjoying to the maximum always. And my 2013 and myself are this interesting couple, never ceasing to find out things about one another and helping easch other along the highway. It’s about the people in your life, thinking of them, wishing them well, doing good deeds just for the sake of it, not expecting anything in return, but living the blisfull moment of giving.

We are love and what we spread around us is what we receive. Sometimes, it will feel as if no one is giving love back, but just the thought of someone being comforted or being a better person because of your love and care, is priceless in itself. I love you (all my friends and you more) so much. And remember: no snow flake ever falls in the wrong place! Happy 2014 to all of us 😉


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