start anew

Changes are always good, people say. I myself believe that, sooner or later, the changes we make in our lives give us the vibe we were missing, the view we had forgotten or take away the long guarded fear.

Tomorrow is a big day because, yes, as the title says, I start anew. A new job, in a new environment where I’ve never worked and have little experience, but with people who give me good vibes and hope for great understandings. A job that came precisely when I needed it and when I decided that I wanted it. I have come to believe that when all our being wants something, there is this peculiar force or energy that moves us towards the object of desire. All the pieces come into place and slowly, but steady, a new path opens, an opportunity arises, you seeze it, and the routine is broken. Of course you’re afraid, you question yourself whether to give up the (mediocre) security that you live in, you think it over and over, and in the end you take the chance.

So, this is me today at the seaside, filling my lungs with fresh air, letting go fo all the debris (it was a windy day today, I’m sure it took it far away) and smiling to new beginnings. 🙂




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